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uncut Diamonds and AU Gold bars for sale, 99.99% Gold bars for sale

Cam Mine Group company in Africa Cameroon ..we now own a Gold mine in Cameroon south westourchase gold

region mount fako and can be able to supply you gold on any amount with free delivery CIF at

buyers location .
FINENESS: 24+ Carats .
PURITY: 99.99% .
QUANTITY: 2000kgs monthly but 50kgs trial shipments .
PRICE: $27,000 USD per Kg CIF.
Origin: Cameroon.
1-ounce gold bars are a popular and affordable option for investing in gold bullion products.

Compared to coins, gold bars offer lower acquisition cost, and these smaller bars are a

common solution for acquiring gold in an affordable way. Bars

are selected from current inventory and will ship in a variety of shapes and conditions from

diverse mints including Cam Mine Group company and Sunshine Mint, as well as less common

brands. These miscellaneous bars all ship in the original assay cards, and every bar is

tested to be 99.99% pure gold and a full one troy ounce. The size of these 1-ounce gold bars

makes them easily transportable, stackable, and storable.
Tel/whatsapps : 00237-650-218-223 / 00237-672-010-972
A fascination with gold can be traced back for thousands of years, and it has been referenced

numerous times through many ancient documents including the Bible. The first solid evidence

of human interaction with gold as a financial medium is said to have occurred around 3,000

B.C. in ancient Egypt when Egyptians developed the first known currency exchange ratio. Gold

was first discovered in the United States in 1782, but the first gold rush didn’t occur until

1799 when a young boy discovered a 17-pound gold nugget in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Other notable gold rushes in U.S. history include Alaska in 1896 and California in 1848.

Gold bullion has been identified as a treasured precious metal for thousands of years. Gold

items are both attractive in appearance and resistant to corrosion over time, which make them

a beautiful symbol of wealth and power. Buying gold bars can be a way to add stability to an

investment portfolio because of gold’s steadfast value during times of economic uncertainty.

Trading or selling gold bars on any market can be managed in a simple transaction because

gold bars are recognized worldwide as a medium of exchange.


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