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sell gold diamonds jewelry,most trusted gold and silver coin dealers

Cam Mine Group company in Africa Cameroon ..we now own a Gold mine in Cameroon south west

ourchase gold

region mount fako and can be able to supply you gold on any amount with free delivery CIF at

buyers location .
FINENESS: 24+ Carats .
PURITY: 99.99% .
QUANTITY: 2000kgs monthly but 50kgs trial shipments .
PRICE: $27,000 USD per Kg CIF.
Origin: Cameroon.

Should I buy gold or buy silver or both?
Tel/whatsapps : 00237-650-218-223 / 00237-672-010-972
If this is your first time…. rest assured that you are in the safest hands possible and we

have heard every question before and helping you is what we are here for. We are expert in

what works and what does not work for U.S. and international investors. You can learn more

about buying precious metals for the first in our guide

You can choose between gold, silver, or platinum. You can invest in one, or two or all three.

Most investors choose gold as it tends to have the best long term credentials when it comes

to storing value and hedging against systemic risk.

Buyers of silver are frequently motivated not just by safety but also by return. Although

silver tends to have larger daily price movements than gold, investors are happy to allocate

to it. Many investors who expect a strong rally in precious metal markets tend to have a

significant allocation to silver because they believe it is very much undervalued relative to

You will need to decide which format to own your bullion in – coins or bars. For large, long

term investments we recommend gold bars (one kilo) held in GoldCore Secure Storage. You can

store in a variety of formats in safe jurisdictions and you can also take delivery. Feel free

to call our office to discuss your options. You review the price of a kilo of gold here.


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