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12.4kg gold bar price,gold bar price, where to buy gold bar

Cam Mine Group company in Africa Cameroon ..we now own a Gold mine in Cameroon south west


region mount fako and can be able to supply you gold on any amount with free delivery CIF at

buyers location .
FINENESS: 24+ Carats .
PURITY: 99.99% .
QUANTITY: 2000kgs monthly but 50kgs trial shipments .
PRICE: $27,000 USD per Kg CIF.
Origin: Cameroon.
More About Live Gold Prices
How Is The Live Price of Gold Determined?
Tel/whatsapps : 00237-650-218-223 / 00237-672-010-972
The live price of gold (aka the “Spot Price”) changes by the second. Markets around the world

are buying, selling and trading gold 24 hours a day. The reason the live price of gold

changes is based on several factors that can be fairly unpredictable. The Federal Reserve

raising or lowering interest rates, job and wage reports, inflation or a failing U.S. dollar;

all of these factors will send the price of gold up or down within minutes. Knowing what

factors determine the changes in the live price of gold allow investors to quickly make

informed decisions.
Why Should I Pay Attention to the Live Price of Gold?
Paying attention to the live price of gold allows an investor to snatch up opportunity.

Historically, the price of gold generally remains more stable over time than other

investments and the economy in general. Gold is considered to be a safe haven and a good long

term option. But gold is high when the dollar is low and vice versa. Watching the live price

of gold can be crucial for decision making whether buying or selling.


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